Dragonfly is
Design Build

We work in collaboration with architects, designers and homeowners to meet the full potential of every project.

Our Design Professionals

We assemble only the professional service providers needed when building your design team.

How we Work

When designing, we will of course need to know what you want your house to look like, but it is also important to us that we find out what you want your home to feel like, and how you want your home to reflect you and your lifestyle.

We focus on matching your lifestyle goals with your budget goals in order to design a project that you can afford to build.

kitchenFast -Track Kitchen & Bath

  • Using existing space
  • Major elements, such as appliance location and/or plumbing, stay in place
  • House’s footprint remains the same
  • Not part of a larger project, such as creating a first- or second-story addition

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  • Larger kitchen or bath project that may include moving major elements, such as relocating plumbing, electrical or appliance positions
  • Expanding the house’s footprint with a first- or second-story addition
  • Building a Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (DADU), such as a studio or mother-in-law apartment, separate from the house

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Custom Home

  • Building on undeveloped property
  • Removing an existing structure to start anew
  • Tree house dwelling

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