Pre-Purchase Estimate

You’re in the Market for a New Home!

You’ve seen the house you believe has the potential to be everything you want, and you’re planning on making an offer.

The amount you plan to spend on projects directly affects your offering price.

How much will it cost to finish the hardwood floors before you move in?  What’s the price for an updated kitchen? What about that second story addition you’ll need in order for the space to work for your family?

Don’t you need to know now?

In a 90-minute appointment walking with you through the house, Dragonfly will gather all the data necessary to provide you the information you need, when you need it.

Within 24 hours, so you can make a timely offer, you will receive:

  • A thorough estimate of all of your projects.  This includes hard numbers for must-have, complete-before-you-move-in items, and range-of-cost for bigger projects, both immediate and down the line
  • A reliable budget and schedule for the future
  • Professional documents for use in your purchase & sale agreement

It is quick and easy to get going

  • Go to the contact page and fill out our form.
  • Have your Real Estate Broker contact Dragonfly to make an appointment to walk through the house on which you are planning to make an offer.  
  • You, your Broker, and Dragonfly will meet at the house to discuss the work you’d like done, including before-you-move-in items, and bigger projects.
  • Dragonfly will prepare your thorough estimate within 24 hours so you can make a timely offer.